Disney Tsum Tsum Tales: PotC Event Begins and new Jack Sparrow and Elizabeth Swann Tsums

Are you ready for a new swashbuckling adventure? Get ready to hunt for pirate treasure! A new Event started with the crew of The Pirates of the Caribbean! Join Jack and Elizabeth on an adventure through the Mickey Islands where x marks the spot to dig up some pirate treasure!

It is Lucky Time for Jack Sparrow and Elizabeth Swann until 5/17, 11:59 PM (PDT). 

They will be available until 5/31. Remember these Tsums are a Limited Release. So you have until 5/31 to get them.

First, let’s take a look at everyone’s heartthrob Jack Sparrow,  or should I say, Captain Jack Sparrow?

He clears a diagonal line of Tsum Tsum. Similar to Olaf. His animation is him riding on the Black Pearl across the screen.

Next is Elizabeth Swann. 

Her skill is like Chip and Dale, Aurora, etc.

The Pirates and the Caribbean: Pirates Treasure Hunt Event Begins.

Clear cards to get Skill Tickets and Pins

You have until 5/30 to finish the Event. Click Start to Begin the Event.

How to Play

Here is a look at Card #1: Click on the X to Challenge the Mission.

Mission Examples:

Mystery Mission:.

This looks like a treasure filled Event. I will report more later. Have fun!

Marvel Tsum Tsum Tales: Heroes for Hire Event Starts & Crystal in the Orb Box

Get ready. The Heroes for Hire Event is back! The Event ends 4/26 at 23:59 (PT). Get rewards including Orbs and the Lockjaw Tsum Tsum

How to Play

Earn more medals if you have Crystal and use her during missions!

Crystal: Get Crystal from the Orb Box! Her Draw Rates are Up during this time until 4/19. Bonus +500 HP/ATK/DEF until 4/30. She has an advantage throughout April.

Here is a look at Crystal’s Stats. 

Attribute: Blast (Green)

Skill: Sandstorm: Gathers one type of Tsum Tsum to the top with a Sandstorm. 

Special: HydroFlame Tornado: Summons a tornado of fire and water to clear wide range of Tsum Tsum.

Ability: Extender [Chain]: Briefly extend reach to connect Tsum Tsum  (triggers randomly with 16+ chains).

Check out Crystals Skillls and many others on Marvel Tsum Tsum YouTube Channel
Are you excited about Heroes for Hire? I will be around to answer any questions. Have fun!

Disney Tsum Tsum Tales: Star Wars Rogue One Event Overview & Jedi Luke

Get ready guys. The Event is finally here. I am excited. Let’s first take a look at the newly released Tsum Tsum Jedi Luke.

It is Lucky Time again until 4/17 at 11:59 PM (PDT) for Jedi Luke, Chewbacca, and Hans Solo. 

Please keep in mind that all the Star Wars Tsums are Time Limited. They will be available in the Premium Box until 5/12

Jedi Luke: An older, wiser Luke, now a Jedi Knight. Clears Tsum Tsum where you swipe!

Here is his Stats and first impressions. 

Scoring: Starting out, his Scoring capability is very, very low. He starts out with 20 at Level 1. I leveled him up to 2 and his score jumped up from 20 to 45. So, that is an increase of 25 points per Level up


His skill can be pretty tricky until you get used to his skill. It is very similar to Darth Vader’s skill, if you have ever played him. His skill works best if Gyro is on. Gyro allows the Tsum’s to float to one side of the screen to maximize how many Tsums you can get per swipe. You can get about 5 swipes in per charge and the clock freezes. Unlike Darth Vader, though, the Jedi Luke’s you clear will count towards recharging his skill again.

It takes roughly 22 Tsums to charge his Skill at Level 2. He does require a lot of Tsums to help. So keep that in mind when you are looking on your game play area. 

I hear once you have his Skill down (it does take some getting used to) that he has the potential to be an awesome Coin Farmer. Jedi Luke would be the Tsum to try to get during this Lucky Time!

Event: Star Wars – Fight the Empire – Defeat the Star Destroyer!

This is Event is similar to last year’s Star Wars Event with a few changes. Push start to start the Event.

How to Play: You have until 5/8 to finish the Event. Complete all the Cards (30 Cards total) to get Star Wars Tsum Tsum and a Special Pin!

Here is what your opening card should look like:

Next you will be shown a Battle List. This list will show you everyone you can help to defeat their destroyers, how much time is remaining and much it will take to help them destroy their destroyer; including your own. Click Battle to jump in. 

This will show you the time remaining and damage.

Game play screen looks cool and futuristic!

Death Troopers will drop from the Top of your screen. Attack them with Bubbles or use your Skills!

You have 60 Minutes to defeat the Destroyer. It will reappear if you run out of time. 

Remember to help your friends so you can get the gift capsules for the K-2SO Tsum Tsum.

Have fun everyone! That’s it for now. I will be around to answer your questions. Are you looking forward to the SW Event? Let me know. 

Club Penguin Island Tales: New Update 1.2.0 РOverview 

There are several fun new additions in this update. Let’s go over a few of them!

One of the big changes is the new hub. Called a CPI Phone. A nice little place to keep in touch with everything Club Penguin!

There is a Daily Challenge Log. You can now find it here, instead of on the left side of your screen like before. 

There is now a clock. Nice feature. Everyone in the community can be on one time zone. Known as Penguin Standard Time, nonetheless! This can come in handy for parties and meet & greets. 

Click this icon below for the Island News.

Here you will find the latest news for all things Penguin! You can find information on the next meet and greets, community events, parties, and past news updates. Click on an article to learn more.

Another nice feature in the hub is having an easy access to quests. It helps as a reminder to know where to go and what is needed to complete the quest.

The Settings tab is also conveniently located here if you need to change your settings. 

Do you want a quicker way around the Island? There is good news! Click under your chat log. To your far right you will find an icon that looks like a GPS Map. Or, can I call it Global Penguin Satellite? 

Here you will find the server that you are on, and where your Penguin is on the map. Click on the various islands. Up will pop a message asking if this is where you want to go. Confirm, and you’ll be there as if you were shot from a cannon. Yes. I have tried that once… or, a couple of times…

Want to go relax on the lazy river? You can find some stylish new Tubes. Take a look at your Inventory. Depending on your Level, there are a variety of new Tubes. My Penguin is Level 7. Here is a preview of what I have unlocked.

Here is my Penguin trying out one of the new Tubes. I think it is the Funky Feather. 

Do you want to explore your Disney Side? You can by wearing the latest Disney Clothing Styles! The newest clothing to wear is based on Disney’s Tangled. Your Penguin can dress up as Rapunzel, Eugene, and Cassandra. 

There is the option to customize and create your own style with the help of fabrics, decals, and who can forget the little frog? …. Er….Chameleon! 

New levels and quests have been added. Now you can reach Level 15! I am still exploring the new update. I will let you know if I find anymore treasure. 

Are you excited about the new features? Tell me what you think!

Disney Magic Kingdoms Tales: New Update 4/12 РOverview 

Windows got the update early this morning! I will say that I am pleased. There are so many good things in this update.

I first went to check my chests. I was surprised that a deck of cards revealed themselves!

It seems like it is going to be for all the chests. I opened Bronze and Silver and it gave me 3 cards each. Click on each card to reveal your prize. I earned:

  • Happiness
  • 323 Magic
  • xxx Magic

I decided to head to the Costume Shop to see if there were any treasures there. Turns out, I was right. There are several costumes there! 

  • Mickey
  • Minnie
  • Pluto
  • Goofy

A lot of the Nightmare Characters have new quests!

New land! It has a hefty price tag, but it is worth it if need more land. You will need 750,000 magic to clear the land. With a 24 hour wait time.

You can now Level Merlin to Level 2. So, get ready to gather his tokens again. It will not take long at all. 

After leveling him up, an exclamation will appear above him. It will ask you to take a look at Merlin’s Cauldron.

  • Conjuring Cauldron – Drag decorations and concessions into Merlin’s Conjuring Cauldron to gain Elixirs.
  • Push Cast
  • Drag items into Merlin’s Cauldron 
  • Combine with Magic to conjure Elixirs!
  • Spend Elixirs at Merlin’s Shop

Merlin’s Shop! Best addition to the update! 

Click on Merlin’s Conjuring Cauldron quest and you will be taken to his Shop. Drag items into his Cauldron to trade for Elixirs. Use these Elixirs to trade for prizes for your kingdom and chests. 

Right now there is one new item for your Kingdom: Jumping Jellyfish for 15,000 Elixirs. 

You can also purchase Chests:

  • Bronze: 500 E
  • Silver: 1,500 E
  • Gold: 5,000 E
  • Platinum: 7,500 E

This is great news for those that want another way to buy chests and get rid of any unused storage items cluttering your park. 

Are you guys excited about the update? I think the Costumes and Merlin’s new Skill is my favorite this update!